Spring is a time for New Life and Second Chances

Spring is my favorite time of year!  The warmer weather brings longer walks and an explosion of exciting fresh scents.  There is new life everywhere!  On a personal note, Spring was when I joined my human team and got my second chance, my new life.

More about my personal story later but I was recently introduced [1] to another rescue dog that is making the most of her second chance.   Two months ago, Tiki BoN BoN was adopted by a family member of my human partner.  Although Tiki is only seven pounds, she is a working dog in every sense of the word.  She recently launched her own line of canine apparel, her Pup Couture Collection.    She is already taking the canine fashion industry by storm!   Frankly, this smoochy poochy bling is not my cup of kibble[2], but her label is already a “must have” for doggie fashionistas.  I give her two paws up for her canine “can do” attitude and for her ability to leave the past behind and leap forward with her new life.

Tiki BoN BoN

This Spring, strive to let go of past injustices and disappointments and focus on new opportunities for personal growth.  I know how hard this can be.  After nearly six years with a family that raised me from a pup, I was terminated for no reason and left at a strange and frightening place.  I asked myself what did I do wrong?  Was I a bad dog?  I was terrified, angry and heartbroken.  I growled at everyone and paced constantly.  Who would take me into their home, a middle-aged dog with what appeared to be a very bad attitude? When almost all hope was lost, the Grosse Pointe Animal Adoption Society saved me and helped me find my current position.  I am now in a very supportive environment and I am a successful writer. [3]

Do you know someone who needs a second chance?    Do you look at a qualified candidate and wonder what this person did to be out of work or demoted?  Do you assume that someone with great credentials must be a problem employee to be in such a situation?  By the way, it is well know that pure breed dogs are often the most difficult to place at animal shelters – humans assume that no one would give up such a beautiful and valuable dog unless there was a problem.

And if you are the person who is out of work, or in a bad situation, do you blame yourself and ask what you did wrong?  Do you complain to anyone that will listen what a raw deal you got or how your manager is an idiot?  If you are doing this, then you are like I was, growling and pacing, scaring away anyone who might give you a second chance.  Would you hire you?

This Spring, take some advice from a couple of successful rescue dogs, put on your bling,  get out there and sniff out all the new life and opportunities in front of you!

Your Best Friend,


[1] We met via the Internet.  As I am leash aggressive, a face-to-face meeting was not advised.

[2] I will be launching my own line of neckwear for the working dog later this year.

[3] What makes me a successful writer?  You are reading my blog!

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