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In Honor of Mother’s day, Lessons from My Mama

On Mother's Day, stop and sniff the flowers with a special person.

On Mother’s Day, stop and sniff the flowers with a special person.

Mother’s Day is here.  I envy humans on this day.    They may join their mothers for a special celebration, or remember their mothers by sharing special memories, pictures, and other momentos of their lives.

We dogs typically leave our mothers at an early age and we do not have detailed memories of them, but they are always with us.  Their wisdom and lessons are deep inside.  We instinctively call on their maternal learnings throughout our lives.

For Mother’s Day I would like to share some of the lessons from my Mama.  I hope you will see how these may apply to your personal and work life.


Lessons from a Boxer Mama:

Don’t gobble up every new thing that comes along.  First impressions can be misleading.  Check out new things before you make a decision.  Give them a good sniff and maybe even a lick now and then.

Pay attention when others are speaking to you.  You will learn more from listening and watching than from yapping and chasing your tail.

Watch and learn from the older dogs.  They have been around the block many times before.

Conversely, give the young pups a chance to try new things on their own.  Just don’t let them get too far out of the box if they are going to hurt themselves or others.

Just because all the other pups are doing something, that does not mean it’s the right thing to do.  Don’t follow the pack if your instincts tell you it’s not a good idea.

Protect what is truly important to you.  But if you bury all the special treats you receive so others will not get them, you will never be able to find and enjoy all of them yourself.  Everyone loses.  Focus on what you really need and share with others the opportunities to gnaw on something interesting.

If you growl at everything that passes by, you will never be taken seriously[N].  Save the big dog moves for when they are really needed.

And last, my favorite:  A wagging tail will always open more doors than bared teeth!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Your best friend,


[N] I have heard the expression “His bark is worse than his bite.”  Frankly I do not understand how this can be true.

It’s like herding cats!

I have more photos of feline followers to share with you readers.  I am not sure who is who, except for Jenny.  The others are Aida, Molly and  Annie.  Thank you for sharing!

Your Best Friend,


Why are cats allowed to sleep on the bed??

Why are cats allowed to sleep on the bed?

Is this cat yoga?

Is this cat yoga?

I can see why cats need nine lives!

I can see why cats need nine lives!