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Celebrate National Dog Day

It’s National Dog Day, so this blog is pure dog!  National Dog Day acknowledges the valuable contribution that dogs make to human society every day and recognizes the number of dogs that need to be rescued every year (including formerly yours truly).  Please see the National Dog Day[1] website for more information about this organization.  Suggestions for how humans can honor the day are at the end of this blog.

You may wonder how I am going to spend this special day.  Like most working dogs, I do not plan to take today off from my daily duties of patrolling the neighborhood and securing the premises.  And obviously, I have not put aside my computer!  But I do hope there will perhaps be a few special hugs, an extra long walk and a surprise treat waiting for me.

You see, for the dog lucky enough to be part of a caring and supportive human team, every day is Dog Day!

I asked my canine readers how they plan to spend the day and I want to share their responses and photos of this distinguished pack.




This is a special day for Chato[2].  He is celebrating his one year anniversary of being tumor-free, having had a large tumor and his spleen removed last August.  After a lovely midday meal of chicken and brown rice, he will take a walk along Lake Michigan in Chicago and go to an ice cream shop that has dog-friendly cupcakes.  You lucky dog!




Ash and Rocko

Ash and Rocko

Ash and Rocko

Ash and Rocko will be spending some quality time at a Chicago area dog park or beach so they can run free with their canine buddies.  Rocko is also celebrating the one year anniversary of his adoption, so he is keeping his paws crossed for a few special treats.




Tiki BoN BoN

Tiki on the Job

Tiki on the Job

You may remember Tiki from an earlier blog.[3]  Tiki, also a rescue dog, is now a superstar in the canine fashion world, having launched her own Pup Couture[4] line earlier this year.   Being the full time dog at Beach Candy[5], she will be helping clients try on bikinis, watching the door and providing emotional support to the staff.  Hopefully she will have time to enjoy a little kibble and a nap.





Dr. Nova

Dr. Nova

Nova, an Alaskan Malamute, is hoping to enjoy an air conditioned day with his 11-month-old human protégé, who may be dropping a few extra treats from her high chair.  By the way, Nova aspires to one day be a therapy dog. He is a credit to our species!





Belle getting hosed

Belle getting hosed

Belle Chaise

Belle Chaise

Belle was rescued from Hurricane Katrina, which was very stressful, so she cherishes the opportunity to relax on National Dog Day.  She hasn’t finalized her plans, but she might run through a water sprinkler to cool off (weather permitting), help solve a Ken-Ken puzzle, play with some adoring human pups, or just take a nap in the sun.





Each one of these stories is a tribute to the wonderful relationship between dog and humans:  rescue dogs and an aspiring therapy dog who are now giving back to their humans in so many ways.  How lucky our two species are to enjoy this special bond!

Harley’s Suggestions for Humans on National Dog Day.

Adopt:   Please consider adoption when you are ready to open your home to a new dog.  Even if you have your heart set on a particular breed (such as yours truly), there are many rescue organizations for specific breeds that can help you find that special dog.  I promise we will not let your down!

Donate:  If you are not in a position to add a dog to your team, if you are able, please support organizations that help dogs find the right home.  My favorite is the Grosse Pointe Animal Adoption Society[6], which gave me my second chance.

Spay and Neuter:  It may seem strange for a dog to advocate for these medical procedures.  They are necessary, however, until there are enough good homes for every pup that is born.   All About Animals Rescue[7] is an excellent organization that provides these services at low cost.

Protect:  Keep your dog healthy with regular visits to a veterinarian for preventative vaccines and testing.   Many clinics offer low cost treatment.   Also, a microchip can reunite you with your canine companion if you are separated.

Restrain:  Please restrain your pet while travelling in a motor vehicle.  The laws of physics apply to us too!  Here is a link to Harley’s Safe Riding Tips for Dogs[8].

And last, but not least, love, play, exercise and slip that special pooch a healthy treat or two!

Your best friend,



[2] I can tell just by looking at him that Chato is always trying to think out of the box.







National Dog Day is August 26!

FB_IMG_1440088737690National Dog Day is Wednesday August 26.  Send me a photo of your favorite pooch and I will include it in my special NDD blog.

Send your photo to my email  ( with the name of your best friend  and a description of how you are going to celebrate this special day.

Your best friend,


What Ever Happened to Class? Why Good Manners Matter.

DSC_9410 (800x536)Recent news has been full of coverage of persistent uncivil behavior by a person who aspires to become a powerful leader of an important human organization.  Sadly, it seems that some humans believe that fame and wealth entitle them to behave in whatever manner they desire and say whatever they wish, regardless of the consequences and without any consideration for their fellow human beings.  Some seek to justify this ruffian behavior by claiming they are just “telling it like it is” but to be blunt, this is cow manure.[1] Genuine candor does not warrant abusive conduct.  Sometimes I wonder if the wrong species is running this planet!

I am reminded of lyrics from the movie musical “Chicago”, sung by the beautiful Catherine Zeta-Bones:

What ever happened to fair dealing

And pure ethics,

And nice manners?

Why is it everyone now is a pain in the [tail][2]

What ever happened to class?

Ironically, humans train us dogs to control our impulses. We are rewarded for demonstrating self-discipline and a stable temperament.[3]  A big dog does not have to be a brute to be taken seriously.  Who would challenge the power and determination of a well-behaved and focused police or military dog?  Perhaps some humans should attend obedience school.

Why does polite behavior matter?  In the workplace, it shows that you respect your colleagues and raises morale.  It demonstrates that you have the emotional maturity to think before your speak.  It enhances your ability to work productively with others. If you are the big dog in the office, you are setting the tone for everyone else.  In contrast, if you are a distempered bully, people will not want to work with you.  They will avoid telling you anything that will trigger an attack even if it something you need to know.  Your performance and results will be adversely affected in the long run.

I want to add some personal reflections on the use of profanity in the workplace.  It seems to be very fashionable these days to use strong language under the mistaken belief that it shows you are tough and not afraid to candidly speak your mind.  My advice about such a habit, to borrow an obedience school command:  DROP IT!  It is not a sign of strength; it is a sign of a weak vocabulary and limited communication skills.  It is unprofessional.  Some believe profanity is an indicant of low intelligence.  By the way, persistent use of such language may create a hostile work environment.  You could get sued or fired.

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