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What Has Happened to Basic Human Civility?

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My floppy ears are almost standing on end in response to what I am hearing from human politicians.  The concern is much bigger than a lack of good manners:  it is the complete destruction of basic human civility.   If the shoe were on the other paw, and dogs chose humans as companions rather than vice versa, I can tell you that certain people would be left at the pound because they would not be considered suitable for canine company.  I don’t think I have to tell you who I am talking about.

In August, 2015 I published the blog:  “What Ever Happened to Class?   Why Good Manners Matter”.   I am republishing this this blog with a plea to those of you who are of a like mind to please spread the word and share this message.

What Ever Happened to Class? Why Good Manners Matter.