What Has Happened to Basic Human Civility?

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My floppy ears are almost standing on end in response to what I am hearing from human politicians.  The concern is much bigger than a lack of good manners:  it is the complete destruction of basic human civility.   If the shoe were on the other paw, and dogs chose humans as companions rather than vice versa, I can tell you that certain people would be left at the pound because they would not be considered suitable for canine company.  I don’t think I have to tell you who I am talking about.

In August, 2015 I published the blog:  “What Ever Happened to Class?   Why Good Manners Matter”.   I am republishing this this blog with a plea to those of you who are of a like mind to please spread the word and share this message.

What Ever Happened to Class? Why Good Manners Matter.

One thought on “What Has Happened to Basic Human Civility?

  1. Valerie, Aida, Jenny

    My feline companions and I agree with you 100%, Gentleman Harley. Considering that felines have in their genetic make-up an inborn, highly developed grace and dignity this certain person’s crude, immature behavior is especially abhorrent to them. We can only hope and then pray that enough of our fellow Americans will have the intelligence and common sense to let this individual slip into obscurity. So there!


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