Honoring a Feline Mama on Mother’s Day

A Rose for Mama

A Rose for Mama

Do I have your attention?

I want to share a special story of motherhood that illustrates the power of maternal love.   A five-day-old puppy lost his mother in a tragic accident.  He was brought to an animal shelter but there was no female dog that could nurse the young pup.   Then a wonderful thing happened.  A young mother cat took the puppy into her litter of kittens and fed the little fellow.  Can you believe it?[1]  You can see the “blended family” with your own eyes in a video from the Michigan Humane Society.

Mother’s Day is a good day to thank all of the people who have nourished you, even if they are not your biological mother.  You know who they are.  A big sister?  A special aunt?  A teacher who really cared about your future?  A mentor who helped you grow personally or professionally?   Maybe even a stranger who helped you at a difficult time?

This humble shelter cat’s beautiful example reminds us that all of the earth’s creatures, regardless of species, are members of one great family. If a cat can welcome an orphaned puppy into her litter, I think each of us can extend a helpful paw and friendship to those who need a little kindness, even if they are from different backgrounds and viewpoints.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Your best friend,


[1] Can you believe I am singing the praises of a cat?  I guess my old canine heart is softening.

One thought on “Honoring a Feline Mama on Mother’s Day

  1. Valerie, Aida, and Jenny

    You are so wise, Harley. Thank you! I saw that video. It moved me to tears. My feline companions watched it with me. They were so proud of their species. Reminds each of us to reach out whenever we have the opportunity to help another creature. Does it count as an act of kindness if we put a spider outside rather than squishing it? I think so.

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