An Important Election Message From Your Best Friend

A National Dog!

A proud American dog!

The election is less than a week away and this American dog has an important message for you:  VOTE!!!!

No matter what your political affiliation, whether you are a Re-pup-lican, a Demo-cat or a Lab-ertarian, VOTE!!!!  Yes, I am violating my own rule against ridiculous dog puns, but I have observed that this election is getting way too tense and I want to lighten things up a little.  JUST VOTE!!!

American humans are so privileged to live in a country with real elections.  If you don’t vote because you don’t like the candidates or you don’t trust the election process, you are disregarding the immense sacrifice so many of your fellow citizens have made to give you this precious right.

You may wonder why I am so interested in the political affairs of humans.   Let me share my perspective on two very important issues for us dogs.

First is the environment.  Human decisions that affect the environment have an immense impact on all living creatures.  We breathe the same air you breathe.   We drink the same water.  When you feel the heat, we feel it too.  On behalf of the entire animal kingdom, I urge you to support policies that will protect the planet we share.

Second is health care.  Your health care is our health care.  When you are not healthy, we feel it too.  Your ability to care for us is diminished.   We don’t get the exercise we need.  We sense your pain and we worry about you.  A medical crisis may cause you to suffer financially and you may no longer be able to provide for us.  Sadly, I know many canine colleagues who lost their loving homes because of medical catastrophes in their human families.

When you vote this year, remember that we are all in this together.

Your best friend,


One thought on “An Important Election Message From Your Best Friend

  1. Valerie Binder

    Harley, I vote for you as president. You are such a wise gentleman. You need to send this message on to our new president. St. there!


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