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Honoring a Feline Mama on Mother’s Day

A Rose for Mama

A Rose for Mama

Do I have your attention?

I want to share a special story of motherhood that illustrates the power of maternal love.   A five-day-old puppy lost his mother in a tragic accident.  He was brought to an animal shelter but there was no female dog that could nurse the young pup.   Then a wonderful thing happened.  A young mother cat took the puppy into her litter of kittens and fed the little fellow.  Can you believe it?[1]  You can see the “blended family” with your own eyes in a video from the Michigan Humane Society.

Mother’s Day is a good day to thank all of the people who have nourished you, even if they are not your biological mother.  You know who they are.  A big sister?  A special aunt?  A teacher who really cared about your future?  A mentor who helped you grow personally or professionally?   Maybe even a stranger who helped you at a difficult time?

This humble shelter cat’s beautiful example reminds us that all of the earth’s creatures, regardless of species, are members of one great family. If a cat can welcome an orphaned puppy into her litter, I think each of us can extend a helpful paw and friendship to those who need a little kindness, even if they are from different backgrounds and viewpoints.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Your best friend,


[1] Can you believe I am singing the praises of a cat?  I guess my old canine heart is softening.